A most technologically advanced pulse oximeter utilized in MRI environments.

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Product Description

Nonin 7500FO Pulse Oximeter

    Battery – 16 Hour

    Power Supply with cord (used to charge battery and power 7500)

    Manual on CD-ROM


Innovative Fiber Optic Tabletop Pulse Oximeter for MRI Environments – Nonin Medical’s 7500FO® (fiber optic) tabletop pulse oximeter was specifically developed for utilization in fixed-site or mobile MRI facilities for monitoring pediatric,infant, as well as adult patients. With simple finger or toe wrap sensor application, the 7500FO’s® compact design, simple functionality, minimum 30-hour battery life, 4-hour quick recharge and minimum 70 hours of memory makes it well suited for MRI applications.

The Nonin 7500 pulse oximeter has a unique low-profile design that enables it to fit easily on a tabletop or into its own carrying case. The stylish, compact Nonin 7500’s simple functionality, minimum 16-hour battery life, 4-hour quick recharge, and minimum or 70 hours of memory the unit is  well-suited for a variety of clinical and homecare applications.

Like all NONIN portable oximeters, the Nonin 7500 provides a wide variety of display indicators that provide reliable readings.
    MRI Compatibility Rated 3.0 tesla

    Convenient — Lightweight & compact

    Easy-To-Use — Bright LED displays and large display screen offer clear readability

    Durable — Rugged  dependable design

    Powerful — Over 70 hours of memory usage for extended monitoring

    Versatile — Monitors neonate to adult patients in acute care to homecare settings

    Flexible — Use as a stand alone device or interface with additional equipment

    Portable – 7500 features 16 hour battery time

The Nonin 7500 series oximeter can record up to 70 hours of oxygen and heart rate data. To be able to view/print the data on a Windows based computer Nvision or Profox software is required along with a data cable  to connect the 7500 to your pc.

Flexible & Versatile Alarm Settings
Patient Security Mode
Locks alarm limits, volume and time/date settings, prevents unintentional changes and provides automatic recall of locked limits.

Recall Function
Reinstatement of user’s last customized alarm settings.

User-Defined Defaults
Allows user to adjust the alarm limit and volume default settings to their specific requirements.

Nonin 7500 Display:The Nonin 7500 provides a variety of display indicators that ensures the operator receives accurate readings

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