Buying Used Medical Equipment

Patient MonitorsSearching for used medical equipment

Searching for refurbished used medical equipment is quite challenging and overwhelming with so many choices available. Selecting the right equipment that meets the customers needs is of utmost importance.

Finding the right vendor

However, what is even more critical is choosing a reputable company that stands behind its products. Purchasing refurbished medical equipment can save your facility a substantial amount of money. Just compare the prices of new and refurbished equipment and you’ll notice immediately that there is a vast difference in the cost of new verses refurbished.


Always purchase equipment that comes with a warranty. Our warranties can cover anywhere from 3 months to 3 years depending on the equipment. A company with integrity will be eager to supply references. We pride ourselves in the volume of repeat customers!


Established companies should be capable of providing leasing and rental options which we do. Equipment such as infusion pumps and tourniquet systems should have documentation stating that the devices have been calibrated, tested,and certified to be patient ready.


Elite Medical Equipment Inc. provides refurbished as well as new medical equipment. We proudly display the DotMed certification which is a world wide accreditation in the medical equipment business. We provide competitive pricing without sacrificing quality. All equipment is received in pristine condition and premium performance.