Product Description

The Alaris™ 8300 EtCO2 module brings continuous respiratory monitoring to all patient care areas with an easy-to-use technology that is effective with both intubated and non-intubated mobility.It is compact and features easy to use technology.The Alaris™ 8300 ETCO2 includes customizable profiles that add flexibility across all patient care areas.It utilizes sampling lines that eliminate the need for moving parts external sensors or routine calibration.The Alaris™ 8300 ETCO2 features the latest in Smart Pump Technology.

This essential respiratory technology adds an additional layer of protection at the point-of-care that pauses a PCA infusion if a patient falls below your hospital-defined respiratory limits.


  • Supports current ASA and Joint Commission standards mandating CO2 monitoring for all anesthetized patients (intubated and non-intubated)
  • Provides an additional safety net at the bedside to continuously monitor patient respiratory response to infusion therapy
  • Provides a unique function for the clinician to automatically pause a PCA infusion if a patient falls below your hospital-defined low respiratory limits when used with the Alaris™ PCA module


All units are in excellent  condition and are patient ready fully refurbished.

We sell these devices with a 3 month warranty option ,a 6 month warranty option as well as a 1 Year Warranty option. Please contact us for a most competitive price!