Designed to meet the fluid and drug delivery requirements of today’s changing clinical environment. A numeric keypad simplifies programming and provides very user friendly features.The As 50 operates on an internal rechargeable battery pack. An excellent all around pump.

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Product Description

The Baxter As 50®  auto syringe pump features configurable drug library,syringe plunger detection,backlight display,adjustable occlusion specialty,and selectable  modes of delivery.The Baxter AS50 provides accurate continuous or intermittent infusion of intravenous solutions,drug solutions,whole blood & packed red blood cells. It is designed to meet the fluid and drug delivery requirements of todays changing clinical environment.

The As50 can be piggybacked into an ongoing infusion line to deliver secondary solutions automatically,precisely,& economically. A numeric keypad simplifies programming & makes the pump easy to use.During programming the status display prompts the user to enter data in reference to the syringe and the infusion.The pumps safety and effectiveness are reinforced by pre-programmable bolus operation, titration  of a dose without interruption of fluid flow,and easily understood alarm and alert messages.

Dimensions: 3.4″ W x 26″ D x 10″ H

Weight 3.2 LB.

POWER AC: 105-125V H2

Battery Charger Dc: Internal Nickel Cadmium Battery Pack.These are refurbished units in pristine condition!

 Standard 90 day warranty! All units are in excellent condition!

Also available with 6 month as well as 1 Year Warranty.With purchase the the pump will also include Pole-Clamp & AC Charger

Elite Medical Equipment Inc.provides the market with a variety of refurbished Baxter models providing cost effective alternatives for our customers’ infusion needs.

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Baxter AS50 Operator’s Manual