A most reliable ambulatory pump easy to use and popular with many clinicians designed to use for pain management and continuous infusion delivery

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Product Description

The Deltec CADD {Continuous Ambulatory Delivery Device}® PCA pump provides measured drug therapy to patients in hospital or outpatient settings. This  PCA {Patient Controlled Analgesia} pump operates in continuous delivery mode ,programmed automatic dose delivery and demand dose delivery..It features a remote dose cord and button which can be pressed to receive a patient activated dose for easy access .The remote dose button may be fastened to the bed sheet or patients clothing with the attached clip.It is portable and lightweight as well as quite user friendly.


  • Clinician-Activated Bolus: 0 – 20 ml or 0 – 99.5 mg, depending on the concentration
  • Patient-Activated Dose: 0 – 6 ml or 0 – 99.0 mg, depending on the concentration
  • Weight approximately 1LB including battery


  • Low battery, Battery depleted
  • Pump in Stop mode
  • Controller, microprocessor, or motor fault
  • Improper delivery
  • Power-up fault
  • Low residual volume
  • RES VOL = 000
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CADD PCA 5800 Operator’s Manual