Ideal for advanced 12 lead resting EKG analysis,easy to read color screen displays 12 leads at a time.


Product Description

The GE MARQUETTE 3500 offers GE clinically proven MARQUETTE ECG analysis programs in a most reliable unit.MARQUETTE 12SL® ECG simultaneous 12 lead ECG analysis can be programmed for adults & pediatrics.

The GE MAC 3500 High Value Performance ECG system is one of GE’s additions to its MAC line of resting ECG analysis systems.

Ideal for basic 12 lead resting ECG analysis the MAC 3500 system delivers technology you require for dependable and precise cardiac assessments.


  • Hookup Advisor For Optimal ECG Signals
  • Internal Storage Of 50 ECG’S Archive On SD Card
  • 12 Lead ECG Recorder With ECG Analysis
  • Common MAC 5500 User Interface
  • Flexible & Scalable
  • Integrated Pump For KISS System
  • Pacemaker Detection & Pacer Spike Display
  • Gold Standard Algorithms -12SL® ECG Analysis
  • CT Data Guard: Additional Data Fields & Data Safety For CRO Customers

Communication With Data Management Via Lan Or Wireless Network

Brand New With GE Warranty!