All digital veterinary ECG!
CardiofaxVET ECG-1950K is a highly reliable, 6-lead electrocardiograph for dogs and cats. It provides not only 6 channel resting recording but also 1 or 3 channel rhythm recording on 110 mm paper from a built-in thermal array printer.


Product Description
Compact and Lightweight
The slim and lightweight 2.0 kg body guarantees stress-free mobility in veterinary clinics and hospitals.
With its compact size, cardiofaxVET® can be used anywhere.

AC-Or Battery Operation

  • Integral thermal array recorder records 6 ECG traces on 110 mm paper
  • Up to 40 ECG files can be stored in internal memory. Approximately 3000 ECG files can be stored in a 64MB SD card.
  • Compact & Portable
  • The CardioFax model 1950K-V Veterinary Electrocardiograph is interpretive for cats and dogs.
  • The large color screen displays all ECG leads simultaneously.
  • There is a keypad for data entry, along with a built-in high-resolution thermal printer.
  • Data can be stored to an SD card (up to 3,000 ECG’s), with USB output data communication.
  • A rechargeable battery comes standard with the 1950K-V.
  • The 1950K-V is about the size of a small book, and weighs in at about 4.5 lbs., making it very portable.
  • Please contact us for a competitive price on this EGK!