Fully customizable panel display, plus the flexibility to add your own user-defined protocol


Product Description

The  Q-Stress offers extensive customization to meet the goals of all types of utilizers.

Depending on the type of  facility, practice, procedure and reporting needs, Q-Stress can be set up, configured, customized, and connected to meet your objectives. 

Q-Stress provides highest stae of the art  level of diagnostic tools available to the clinical user today.

Every feature is designed to enhance the comprehensive cardiac assessment.

From in-test ECG review using Freeze Frame, to Risk Scoring patients, to post-procedure assessment tools like Re-Analysis and Full Disclosure, Q-Stress meets your clinical requirements.

The Cardiac Science Quinton Q-Stress® cardiac stress test with treadmill system is designed with you in mind.

Its easy-to-learn left-to-right workflow and simple-to-understand icons and intuitive controls guide technicians through the stress test.

Busy stress labs use QuikLists to enter comments quickly and efficiently.

The TM55 Treadmill-

Features digitally controlled AC-drive system that delivers greater performance, improved accuracy, and increased reliability.

Speed start at .8 mph to 9.6 mph. 400 lb user weight capacity. Length: 80.2 (204cm). 115V/20A power required. Dedicated circuit required.

Designed to operate specifically with Quinton stress test monitors, these treadmills are identical except for the length of the walking surface: the ST55 has a 55-inch long surface.

This system also delivers consistently high torque over the entire treadmill speed and patient weight range to deliver the speed accuracy…

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