Reichert Unistat Bilirubinometer

A state of the art unit used by many clinicians in hospital settings.


Product Description

The UNISTAT ® Bilirubinometer utilizes a photometric analyzer to calculate precise rapid measurements of total serum bilirubin concentration in undiluted serum.This eliminates errors from time consuming dilutions or chemical reactions.This unit functions as a stat photometric analyzer for determining total bilirubin concentration in newborn infants.It promptly determines if more extensive tests are required by supplying measurement of bilirubin levels in less than 5 seconds!

After 5 seconds the results appear on the LED display.The Unistat ® is comes with calibration and high level check cuvettes reference manual,a box of 51 disposable cuvettes ,replacement lamp,& three wire cord with grounded plug.Additional cuvettes may be purchased as needed.


Easy to calibrate using optical standards included

Measures total bilirubin levels in under 5 seconds

Simple to use -insert undiluted serum into the sample chamber,push a button ,results appear on the LED display

Correlates between 96-99% with HPLC gold standard for measuring bilirubin

Most trusted and reliable stat analysis of serum bilirubin available

Measures undiluted serum,eliminating errors from time consuming dilution or chemical reactions

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