CoughAssist clears secretions by gradually applying a positive pressure to the airway, then rapidly shifting to negative pressure. The rapid shift in pressure produces a high expiratory flow, simulating a natural cough.


Product Description

Vital  for daily respiratory care and critical during illness, this life-saving device is something every proactive SMA family requires, regardless of SMA Type.

The cough assist can help to mobilize secretions out of the lungs.

It provides a deep breath of air and then quickly reverses flow directions to pull the air back out, simulating a cough.

This device can dramatically improve airway clearance in a person without an effective cough.

The cough assist also helps the lungs develop and grow.


  • Product Features

·         Removes secretions from the lungs

·         Reduces the occurrence of respiratory infections

·         Safe, noninvasive alternative to suctioning

·         Easy for patients and caregivers to operate

·         Can be used with a face mask, mouthpiece or with an adapter to a patient’s endotracheal or tracheostomy tube

·         Approved for home use in adults and children

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