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Product Description

Features Feeding sets are DEHP-free and latex-free Cassette is designed to prevent accidental product free-flow due to improper set loading.

Lightweight pump fits into an ambulatory carrier to eliminate the need for an IV pole, if desired Use of a pressure sensor, rather than a drop sensor, is designed to help reduce false alarms due to overfilled sight chamber, condensation, or drops clinging to inside of sight chamber.

Easy-to-load cassette snaps in—no threading, looping, or wrapping of tubing Flow rates of 5 to 300 mL/hr in 1-mL increments.

Important Safety Information THIS PUMP IS FOR ENTERAL USE ONLY – NOT FOR IV USE Confirm proper placement and function of patient’s enteral feeding tube (nasogastric, jejunostomy, gastrostomy, etc) and verify the following before initiating feeding:

1. Only an Abbott Nutrition Enteral Pump Set is being used.

2. Flow rate is set at the prescribed mL/hr Pump set and container should be replaced as needed, or at least every 24 hours, to avoid fluid-contamination problems. See Pump Operating Manual for Complete Safety Information and Instructions for Use.

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