BR-102 plus can be used in multiple medical settings, internal medicine, cardiology, and also general medicine (family doctors).


Product Description

The SCHILLER BR-102 plus provides  the highest degree of patient comfort.

It is distinguished by its compact size  and weight .

Incorporating a unique technique, the cuff is only inflated as much as required.

This is why the BR-102 plus can barely be seen, felt, or heard during utilization.

It is discreet and reliable and  with the BR-102 PLUS®, your patient can continue their everyday life undisturbed – the more naturally a patient acts, the more reliable the measured values are. 




  • Accurate & precise blood pressure measurements using Auscultatoric & Oscillometric methods
  • Recording over 24 or 48 hours with measurement intervals of 10 to 120 minutes
  • High resolution backlit LCD screen with multi-language menu
  • Voice recording of patient data
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