Endoscopy Scope Repair - Elite Medical Equipment

Our company strives to provide you with the highest quality, pre-owned endoscopy equipment,at the most affordable price. We specialize in all aspects of endoscopy from rigid to flexible endoscopes,complete endoscopy suite-set ups ,endoscopy accessories,affordable repair service,and technical support.
Providing domestic sales along with unparalleled customer service and competitive pricing is the key to our success.We have over 30+ combined years of experience in this industry specializing in sales and service of all endoscopy related products.We look forward to adding you to our list of our very satisfied customers!

ELITE MEDICAL will assist you throughout the purchasing process. Whether you are interested in new ,pre-owned,or refurbished equipment ELITE MEDICAL will accommodate almost any special request.By offering a variety of options and in conjunction with our vast knowledge of endoscopy scopes our sales department and technical staff will establish the type of relationship that will make you feel comfortable as a repeat customer.We are truly a one -stop endoscopy shop!

ELITE MEDICAL is defining excellence through our extensive refurbishment process.Unlike other equipment dealers ELITE MEDICAL specialists will go the distance in refurbishing high end scopes. We use many of the same vendors as the OEM and provide the “LIKE NEW” quality you deserve and at the same time contain your costs while bringing patient safety to a higher standard with savings up to 70%!

Endoscopy Scope Repair

We sell as well as repair the following:


  • Olympus BF-1T200 Bronchoscope
  • Olympus BF-1T240 Bronchoscope
  • Olympus BF-3C30 Bronchoscope
  • Olympus BF-P10 Bronchoscope
  • Olympus BF-P200 Bronchoscope
  • Olympus BF-P20D Bronchoscope
  • Olympus BF-P240 Bronchoscope
  • Pentax EB-1570K Bronchoscope
  • Pentax EB-1970K Bronchoscope
  • Pentax FB-15P Bronchoscope
  • Pentax FB-18X Bronchoscope
  • Pentax VB-1530T2 Bronchoscope
  • Pentax VB-1830T Bronchoscope
  • Pentax VB-1830T2 Bronchoscope


  • Dyonics Cystoscope Cystoscope
  • Olympus CYF-2 Cystoscope
  • Olympus CYF-3 Cystoscope
  • Olympus CYF-4 Cystoscope
  • Pentax ECY-1530 Cystoscope
  • Pentax ECY-1530 Cystoscope


  • Olympus TJF-100 Duodenoscope
  • Olympus TJF-130 Duodenoscope
  • Olympus TJF-160F Duodenoscopev
  • Pentax ED-3200 Duodenoscope
  • Pentax ED-3230 Duodenoscopev
  • Pentax ED-3410 Duodenoscope
  • Pentax ED-3430T Duodenoscope
  • Pentax ED-3430TK Duodenoscope
  • Pentax ED-3440T Duodenoscope

Electro Cautery Unit

  • Olympus PSD-10 Electro Cautery Unit

Electro Surgical

  • Valley Lab Force-40 Electro Surgical

Endo Irrigator

  • Pentax EI-400 Endo Irrigator


  • Olympus SIF-100 Enteroscope

Equine Gastroscope

  • Olympus CF-100L 3 Meter Equine Gastroscope
  • Olympus Pro Scope Systems 3-Meter Equine Gastroscope
  • Olympus Pro Scope Systems 3-Meter Equine Gastroscope
  • Pentax VSB-3430 Equine Gastroscope

EUS Scope

  • Pentax EG-3630U EUS Scope


  • Pentax EHY-1530 Hysterscope


  • Stryker Corp. 16L Insufflator

Intubation Scope

  • Olympus LF-1 Intubation Scope


  • Olympus ENF-P2 Laryngoscope
  • Olympus ENF-P3 Laryngoscope
  • Olympus ENF-P4 Laryngoscope

Light Source

  • Olympus CLK-3 Light Source
  • Olympus CLV-10 Light Source
  • Olympus CLV-160 Light Source
  • Olympus CLV-U20 Light Source
  • Olympus CLV-U40 Light Source
  • Pentax LH-150P Light Source
  • Stryker Corp. Q4000 Light Source
  • Stryker Corp. Q5000 Light Source


  • Sony PVM-1943 (3 In Stock) Monitor
  • Sony PVM-20M2MD Monitor


  • Olympus CV-100 Processor
  • Olympus CV-140 Processor
  • Olympus CV-160 Processor
  • Olympus CV-200 Processor
  • Olympus CV-240 Processor
  • Pentax EPK-1000 Processor
  • Pentax EPK-700 Processor
  • Pentax EPM-3000 Processor
  • Pentax EPM-3300 Processor
  • Pentax EPM-3500 Processor

Video Printer

  • Olympus OEP Video Printer
  • Olympus OEP-3 Video Printer
  • Sony UP-51MD Video Printer
  • Sony UP-5200 Video Printer
  • Sony UP-55MDU Video Printer
  • Sony UP-5600 Video Printer
  • Sony UP-5600 Video Printer
  • Sony UP-51MD Video Printer
  • Sony UP-51MD Video Printer
  • Sony UP-5200 Video Printer
  • Sony UP-55MD Video Printer
  • Sony UP-5600 Video Printer


  • Olympus CF-100L Colonoscope
  • Olympus CF-100L Colonoscope
  • Olympus CF-100TL Colonoscope
  • Olympus CF-100TL Colonoscope
  • Olympus CF-140L Colonoscope
  • Olympus CF-140L Colonoscope
  • Olympus CF-1T100L Colonoscope
  • Olympus CF-1T20L Colonoscope
  • Olympus CF-20L Colonoscope
  • Olympus CF-Q140L Colonoscope
  • Olympus CF-Q140L Colonoscope
  • Olympus CF-Q160AL Colonoscope
  • Olympus CF-Q160L Colonoscope
  • Olympus CF-Q160L Colonoscope
  • Olympus CF-Q180AL Colonoscope
  • Olympus PCF-130L Colonoscope
  • Olympus PCF-140L Colonoscope
  • Olympus PCF-160AL Colonoscope
  • Olympus PCF-Q180AL Colonoscope
  • Pentax EC-3400F Colonoscope
  • Pentax EC-3430FK Colonoscope
  • Pentax EC-3430L Colonoscope
  • Pentax EC-3430LK Colonoscope
  • Pentax EC-3800TL Colonoscope
  • Pentax EC-3801L Colonoscope
  • Pentax EC-3801L Colonoscope
  • Pentax EC-3830LK Colonoscope
  • Pentax EC-3830TL Colonoscope
  • Pentax EC-3830TLK Colonoscope
  • Pentax EC-3831L Colonoscope
  • Pentax EC-3831LK Colonoscope
  • Pentax EC-3831LK Colonoscope
  • Pentax EC-3832TL Colonoscope
  • Pentax EC-3840L Colonoscope
  • Pentax EC-3870LK Colonoscope
  • Pentax EC-3870LK Colonoscope


  • Olympus GIF-100 Gastroscope
  • Olympus GIF-130 Gastroscope
  • Olympus GIF-140 Gastroscope
  • Olympus GIF-160 Gastroscope
  • Olympus GIF-1T100 Gastroscope
  • Olympus GIF-2T100 Gastroscope
  • Olympus GIF-P20 Gastroscope
  • Olympus GIF-PQ20 Gastroscope
  • Olympus GIF-Q140 Gastroscope
  • Olympus GIF-Q160 Gastroscope
  • Olympus GIF-Q180 Gastroscope
  • Olympus GIF-XP20 Gastroscope
  • Olympus GIF-XQ140 Gastroscope
  • Olympus GIF-XQ20 Gastroscope
  • Pentax EG-1540 Gastroscope
  • Pentax EG-1840 Gastroscope
  • Pentax EG-2430 Gastroscope
  • Pentax EG-2530 Gastroscope
  • Pentax EG-2540 Gastroscope
  • Pentax EG-2730K Gastroscope
  • Pentax EG-2731 Gastroscope
  • Pentax EG-2770K Gastroscope
  • Pentax EG-2900 Gastroscope
  • Pentax EG-2901 Gastrocope
  • Pentax EG-2930K Gastroscope
  • Pentax EG-2931 Gastroscope
  • Pentax EG-2931K Gastroscope
  • Pentax EG-2940 Gastroscope
  • Pentax EG-2970K Gastroscope
  • Pentax EG-3400 Gastroscope
  • Pentax EG-3431TK Gastroscope
  • Pentax EG-3800T Gastroscope
  • Pentax EG-3830T Gastroscope
  • Pentax EG-3830TK Gastroscope
  • Pentax FG-29X Gastroscope

Rigid Endoscopes

  • ACMI MR-6 Rigid Endoscope
  • Karl Storz 26075AAS Rigid Endoscope
  • Olympus A4941 Rigid Endoscope
  • Olympus A5252 Rigid Endoscope
  • Olympus A5287 Rigid Endoscope


  • Olympus CF-100S Sigmoidoscope
  • Olympus CF-140S Sigmoidoscope
  • Olympus CF-P10S Sigmoidoscope
  • Olympus CF-P20S Sigmoidoscope
  • Olympus OSF-2 Sigmoidoscope


  • Olympus URF-P2 Urethroscope

Video Converter

  • Olympus OVC-100 Video Converter
  • Pentax PVA-1010 Video Converter

Video Endoscopy System

  • Olympus CV-100 System Video Endoscopy System
  • Olympus CV-140 System Video Endoscopy System
  • Olympus CV-160 System Video Endoscopy System
  • Olympus CV-180 System Video Endoscopy System