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    Welcome To Elite Medical Equipment Inc.

    Elite Medical Equipment Inc. provides refurbished as well as new medical equipment. We proudly display the DotMed certification which is a
    world wide accreditation in the medical equipment business. We provide competitive pricing without sacrificing quality. All equipment is received
    in pristine condition and premium performance. 

    Refurbished Medical Equipment

    Calibrated and certified medical equipment with warranted service period

    Why Choose Us?

    We provide patient ready, refurbished medical equipment on rent and lease with worldwide shipping.

    Looking for
    Patient Ready Refurbished Pumps?

    We supply refurbished pumps that are fully tested, and delivered patient ready.

    If you are looking for refurbished medical equipment in the best working conditions and the most affordable rate, Elite Medical is your go to. We are proud to supply, rent and lease quality, certified medical equipment to help healthcare providers focus on their patients’ healing. Find your requirement from infusion pumps, syringe pumps, feeding pumps, defibrillators, pulse oximeters, patient monitors and much more.

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