Abbott 4100 PCA+2

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    Infusion Pump

    • Multimode flexibility: Bolus for patient only control, Continuous for clinician control and Combined Bolus/Continuous modes allows for baseline maintenance plus patient titration for “breakthrough” pain
    • Milligram based dosing
    • 4 Hour dose limit to restrict patient access
    • Logs successful and unsuccessful patient requests
    • Guides clinician in determining optimal analgesis availability
    • Flow /Rate Range: 1-100 ug/0.1-50 Mg, Net weight 14.5 lbs
    • Alarms for: Infusion System, Settings, Low Battery, Check Injector, Check Syringe, Empty Syringe, Door Open

    Patient ready, 90 day warranty,includes key and bolus cord as well as pole clamp!

    Abbott 4100 PCA+2 System Operating Manual


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