The New State Of The Art ACCUDXA2 can store up to 2,000 patient records in its system allowing the clinician to retest patients and evaluate changes!


Product Description

The Accudxa2® tests are billable under Medicare CPT Code 77081.When available new software can be upgraded through a USB port.Statistics reveal that approximately 70% of postmenopausal women are not tested for osteoporosis. Simple to utilize and quick and accurate results are the trademark of the Accudxa2®.                                      Lightweight Only 27 Pounds                                   Compact -15x 11x 12  Deep                                  Laser Positioning Device For                                          Accurate Repeatability                                 Stores Up 2000 Patient Exams                                 1 Year Warranty On Parts & Labor                              Accessories Case Includes 1 Phantom                                          3 Sensor Covers                                     One Hospital Grade Power Cord                                                    2 Fuses                                             CD & 1 Spudger Tool                                                   Brand New !