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    The Alaris 2865 Medsystem III® is one of the most sophisticated multi-channel transport infusion pumps available on the market. It features an advanced drug dose rate calculator with a comprehensive drug library so users can deliver infusion therapy quickly and safely. This reliable pump eliminates the need to carry multiple infusion pumps. This multi-channel infusion pump features 3 independent fluid delivery channels & customizable flexible and system parameters in a conveniently compact design that is ideal for ambulatory, EMT, & air transport. A rechargeable battery will provide up to 6 hours of operation with all 3 channels at 125mL/hr DLE version and contains a built-in drug library editor.  The Alaris Minimed III® can be programmed to deliver at a specified rate over a specific period of time.  The pump includes adjustable pressure limits & a rotating pole clamp that can attach to almost any angle.

    • Dimension Height: 7.875 inches
    • Weight: approximately 5LB.
    • Occlusion Pressure: {default} 15 PSI except for controller pressure which is 3Ft.H20
    • Rate Range: 0.1 -999 milliliter {each channel}
    • Volume Range: 0.1 -999 milliliter {each channel}
    • The main battery retains 80% of its capacity after 500 charging cycles and retains 90% of its capacity after 3 months of continuous AC charging.

    Our pumps are in pristine condition, tested, refurbished and patient ready!

    We offer these pumps with a 3-month warranty option a 6-month warranty option as well as a 1 Year warranty option!

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