With a multitude of features this pump provides enhanced and efficient administration.

Product Description

The Colleague CX pump from Baxter with Colleague Guardian feature promotes safety and operational efficiency in the administration of infusion therapies.

• Dose limits can be preset for any drug label.
• Alerts staff when programmed doses are not within institutional limits by displaying a warning on screen.

Dimensions: 7.75W x 10H x 7.75D in.
Not including clamp knob
or power cord

Weight: Approximately 10.4 lbs

Power: 100-120 VAC, 60Hz          

The COLLEAGUE CX pumps enhance the COLLEAGUE pump family with the GUARDIAN feature to help reduce medication errors by alerting staff when programmed doses are not met within institutional limits. The pump features micro and macro flow rates, basic programming, as well as additional dose calculation modes, piggybacking of secondary medications, automatic tube loading, a label library, and programmable personalities which allow for storage of up to eight user-defined parameter sets.
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