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    12-Lead Resting Portable ECG / EKG

    The Atria 6100 is a most practical, portable ECG / EKG machine for hospitals and cardiology clinics. The Atria 6100 portable ECG assists in streamlining workflow with a user friendly interface and clear, readable color display for easy reading of ECG waveform data.


    Large color monitor to view 3-, 6-, and 12-lead ECG printouts in real-time
    Portable ECG Stores up to 300 electrocardiograms
    Manual or automatic 3-, 4-, 6-, and 12-lead ECG printouts
    Standard with wired Ethernet, wireless 802.11, and Bluetooth; complies with FAA requirements
    Bi-directional communication using HeartCentrix connectivity software
    AccuPrint feature restricts ECG printing if lead wires are not properly attached
    Option to use the University of Glasgow ECG interpretation algorithm
    ECG Machine Warranty: 3-Year Parts and Labor


    Ease of use. The standard keyboard, dedicated function keys, large color monitor, and intuitive menu make this portable ECG easy to use.
    Connectivity. The ECG comes with Ethernet connectivity as a standard feature. It’s compatible with wireless 802.11 and Bluetooth, complies with FAA requirements, and has bi-directional communication with our HeartCentrix connectivity solution.
    Convenience. The lightweight, portable ECG monitor fits into your office space and stores up to 300 ECG records.
    Pediatric applications. The optional interpretation package lets you calculate interpretations down to a one-day-old infant.
    Efficiency. The AccuPrint feature restricts ECG printing if lead wires are not properly attached, ensuring a clear printout and eliminating retakes.
    Flexibility. The ECG manually or automatically produces high-quality 3-, 4-, 6-, and 12-lead ECG printouts.
    Confidence. Opt for the Glasgow algorithm (GRI) to consider clinically significant criteria (gender, age, race, medication and classification) to interpret patient data. (Ours improves on the basic GRI and provides brief and full interpretation statements.
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