The Sim Deltec ® also known as the Cadd Prizm VIP 6101 is a most durable , reliable,accurate and dependable pump.It includes an upstream occlusion detection which detects occlusion between the medication bag and the pump instead of only the distal occlusion detection.

Product Description

The CADD VIP PRIZM™ 6101 also known as Sim Deltec™ is utilized for PCA, continuous ,TPN,& intermittent usages. It has the capacity for multiple therapies and with 4 delivery modes is quite versatile.It provides measured drug therapies to patients in a hospital or outpatient settings.The flexible programming assists in the clinicians acute pain protocols and parameters to aid in patient management decisions.The Pump features an integral data port which can be used as an interface cable for a printer .

The PCA delivery is utilized for a required continuous delivery .  The Continuous delivery mode provides the patient a constant flow of the drug at a programmed interval. The TPN delivery mode allows for nutritional fluids to be pumped into the patients bloodstream. The intermittent delivery mode provides specific volume of a drug at a programmed interval.

RATE PARAMETERS: Continuous Mode: 0.1-350ml/hr. in 0.1 ml increments from 0.1-100ml/hr in one ml increments from 100-350 ml/hr PCA MODE: 0-30 ml/hr TPN MODE: 10.0 -350 ml/hr in 10 ml increments

DIMENSIONS: 1.7″ D x 4.1″ W x 5.6″ H excluding cassette

WEIGHT: 20 OZ including 9 Volt Battery



 Please contact us for a competitive price. These pumps are available with a 3 month warranty option , a 6 month warranty option as well as a 1 Year Warranty option.

CADD PRIZM VIP 6101 Operator’s Manual