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    The PainSmart® IOD™ provides “information on demand” while the pump is running.
    The “hot-key” format allows a user to access information by using a single key press.
    The Curlin PainSmart can be configured for epidural, i.v., and subcutaneous infusions.
    It can also provide “information on demand” while the pump is active in response to single key presses, as with most PCA pumps.

    Product Features:

    • Large visible screen and easy-to-use keypad facilitates the start of rational pain therapy, delivering needed pain therapy to your patients without fuss
    • Convenient review and verification feature supports best practices in PCA therapy, adding an additional level of safety for your patients and improving clinician confidence
    • During infusion, IOD places essential therapy information at your fingertips, facilitating documentation of pain medications and obtaining shift totals without impeding workflow
    • Please contact us for pricing-all of our pumps are in pristine condition fully refurbished with warranty!


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