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    The PTS II® System is a state of the art portable electronic tourniquet with advanced safety features that save vlauable space in modern surgical settings.The system is available in both single & twin system configurations,fully independent twin channels are color-coded for optimal safety during simultaneous bilateral limb surgeries and IVRA{Bier Block} procedures.

    The system is ideal for use with Delfi’s unique VariFit Contour Cuffs or PediFit Pediatric Cuffs,and is compatible with standard single port tourniquet cuffs.


    Integrated Tourniquet Cuff Testing-for testing the integrity of the tourniquet cuff with tubing and connectors before or after surgery,as recommended in current AORN standards and recommended practices.

    Rapid Cuff Inflation & Deflation-Inflates a typical 34″ thigh cuff in less than 5 seconds

    Extended Pressure Interlock- A safety interlock limits normal maximum pressure to 475mmHg,and allows staff to select an extended pressure of up to 600 mmHg if required for patients with special needs

    Long Battery Life-Up to 15 hours of operation with tested cuffs

    Connectivity Allows easy integration with OR information networks

    Advanced Leak Detection During Surgery-Monitors the tourniquet cuff,tubing and connectors for air leaks during surgery,and safely alerts staff to hazards or follow-up actions required

    Color Display & Intuitive User Interface-For clearly visible key tourniquet parameters and simplified operator training

    Printer{Optional} Provides a record of events including tourniquet time and pressure levels ,for easy inclusion in patient records

    Multi Language Support- Select from English,French,Spanish,Portugese,German or Italian

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