The Critikon Compact is a very simple unit to use in almost any patient setting.It offers unparalleled accuracy and sensitivity for monitoring hypertensive patients.

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Product Description

The Compact TSĀ® is capable of monitoring vital signs,including blood pressure {NIBP},blood oxygen levels {SPO2} and predictive body temperature. Suitable for adult,pediatric,and neonatal use,the unit handles patient movement very well.


Allows you to take all connected vitals with the press of one button STAT mode for rapid BP readings in emergency situations:

Single determinations or automatic monitoring of blood pressure:

User adjustable target inflation pressure Oral/Rectal predictive temperature:

Built in Printer Available,powerful,lightweight and user friendly:

STAT NIBP allows interval BP monitoring:

Display shows last 3 NIBP determination:

Trends store up to 100 past signs readings,Refurbished with 90 day Warranty