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    The GE T2100-ST Treadmill & Case 6.73 Stress Test System® provides a smooth ,quiet test environment that takes no time at all to start up.It has the option to allow clinicians to control the entire speed range.The Ge Cardiac Assessment For Exercise Testing {CASE} stress test monitor offers users a number of options which allow the monitor to adapt to your unique needs. The system offers users greater diagnostic confidence by easily & accurately view cardiac function during intensive exercise.

    The GE CASE stress test monitor is compatible with Marquette T2000 and T2100 treadmills.The CASE system’s streamlined workflow and digital connectivity help speed patient care and increase staff productivity.It includes the patented MasterTrack® alignment system to eliminate off center running belts.Its low to the floor cushioned deck is ideal for patient comfort and safety.For emergencies,it has an easy to locate stop button and patient tether for additional safety.With minimum maintenance and convenience features ,the T2100-ST1 Treadmill is a reliable tool for exercise testing.

    Connect your CASE system to a local area network {LAN},and you can store patient data and test results to a central database. This enables physicians to review,edit and print data remotely ,for maximum efficiency in your stress lab. Case enables you to optimize your digital workflow as well with seamless connectivity to EMR,PACS,and the MUSE∗ Cardiology Information System.Whether you use a standalone system,a group of workstations or a complete enterprise solution,we have the scalable solution that fits your needs today and tomorrow.

    Extra -long 60-inch surface provides an extra margin of safety for patients
    Self Calibrating for speed and grade
    Digital control insures precise speed and grade control
    Standard stop button enables a gradual stop
    Full front and side handrails are standard with ESTOP
    ECG analysis frequency :500 Hz
    Enhanced tolerance to electrical changes for greater patient safety
    Zero start feature slowly builds up speed for safe and smooth operation
    Adjustable monitor for comfort and productivity
    Proven Clinical Quality and fast access to results
    Remote Review and streamlined paperwork
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