Technology is an integral part of the modern birthing environment. But childbirth remains an intensely personal experience. Corometrics 250 Series monitors give you the knowledge and confidence to treat the varying needs of every patient during this dynamic process.


Product Description

Corometrics® 250CX Series monitors give you the ability to address every monitoring need for both the mother and the fetus – all with a single system. With flexibility and convenience, the Corometrics 250cx Series provides the detailed information clinicians need to ensure a personalized birthing experience.     

Corometrics 250cx Series

The Corometrics 250cx Series monitor allows you to address the monitoring needs for both the mother and the fetus. Begin by using the external monitoring modes and add      
non-invasive blood pressure, fetal ECG, IUP, maternal ECG, and maternal pulse oximetry as the patients’ needs change, without switching to another monitor or external device.      
The optional 15” color VGA Extend-A-ViewTM Remote Display provides the clinician with access to the same maternal and fetal vital parameters as displayed on the bedside maternal/fetal monitor. This display may be conveniently located on the opposite side of the labor-room bed or on the anesthesia cart in the OR. Optional maternal temperature may be interfaced with an Exergen TemporalScanner™ TAT-5000.