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    Ambulatory Enteral pump, comes with carry frame and backpack, or can be pole-mounted using integral pole clamp on detachable charger unit; can be programmed for Intermittent or Continuous Delivery.

    Programmable Dose Limit (1-75 ml in 1 ml increments, 75-2000 ml in 5 ml increments);
    Volume delivered readout; LED display and touch panel data entry;
    a large number of sets can be used to fit the frame for ambulatory operation
    (see attached list). Optional charging cord (# 350490) can be used to connect the pump
    to the charger while the pump is mounted in the ambulatory frame unit.
    Rate Parameters: 1-75 ml/hr in 1 ml incr. 75-400 ml/hr in 5 ml incr. Alarms: Flow Error, Low Battery, Hold Error, No Set, System Error, Dose Delivered, Internal Circuit Problem. Battery: Fully-charged last approx. 14 hours at 125 ml/hr.
    “Quick Charge” feature will recharge completely- discharged battery in approx. 8 hours. Memory: 16 hours.

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