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    • Masimo Radical Signal extraction pulse oximeter
    • Clinically proven Masimo SET® technology in a lightweight, comprehensive pulse oximeter
    • High contrast LCD display is simple to read and features two software controlled orientations – vertical or horizontal
    • Linked to improved care and reduced medical errors
    • Screen rotation offers you viewing flexibility in monitoring your patient’s oxygen saturation base
    • Detach the Handheld Radical from the Standalone unit for hospital transport and spot check applications
    • Place the Handheld back in the Radical Docking Station for all bedside applications
    • Includes finger sensor
    • Enhanced probe off detection with Rainbow sensors
    • Proven in more than 100 independent and objective studies to provide the most accurate and reliable SpO2readings during motion and low perfusion.
    • Upgradable Masimo Rainbow SET technology platform lets you add total hemoglobin and oxygen content through simple field-installed software upgrades.
    • Additional upgrades allow you to continuously and non-invasively measure carboxyhemoglobin, methemoglobin and PVI.
    • These units are in pristine condition fully refurbished and patient ready with warranty!

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