Lightweight offers flexible and effective tools to meet the diverse defibrillation needs at various vital settings.


Product Description

The Medtronic PhysioControl®Lifepak 20 is highly intuitive to use and adapts to multiple patient environments. The proven Lifepak shock-advisory system guides the user with voice and visual prompts through each step of the simple 1-2-3 operation.It skillfully combines an AED function for the infrequent BLS trained responder,with manual capability so that ALS trained clinicians can quickly and easily deliver advanced diagnostic and thereapeutic care. Its 2 defibrillators in 1. Utilizing ADAPTIV™ biphasic technology the Lifepak ®20 Defibrillator/Monitor offers both manual and AED modes for hospital and clinical settings.

Simple yet spohisticated ,the PhysioControl ® LP20 enables clinicians at every level to focus on the most important task at hand,saving a patients life. With a push of a latch the Lifepak ®20 defibrillator automatically converts to a manual defibrillator including waveform displays where all of the advanced features become available.

Each unit is fully tested and refurbished.


*All cables & Sensors

*Multifunction cables for Debibrillation & Pacing

*1 set of Adult Quick Combo Pads for Hands Free Defibrillation & Pacing

*Operations Manual

* Full Warranty

Please call for pricing,kindly specify parameters neeeded

Pacing or Non Pacing

SPO2 available as well.