Fast and accurate simple to use.Can be utilized on adults and children.


Product Description

The Wech Allyn Microtymp 3 is used by many health professionals who rely on this unit for most reliable readings.The unit is quite portable and adaptable for all ages.The Welch Allyn Microtymp 3™ tests in seconds.It also can assist in detection of perforated tympanic membrane,patient tympanostomy,ossicular disruption,otosclerosis,tympanosclerosis,cholesteatoma.

The Microtymp 3™ is ideal for diagnosing otitis media.Whether fluid in the ear is visible or not the unit produces an exact objective measurement of middle ear status for patients of all ages.

Available to be purchased with handle & 2 sets of probes.

Stand and printer also available.

Reduced pricing when purchased together.

The unit can be purchased independently of printer  and charger.

Units are brand new with full warranty!