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    The Avant ® 9700 DeskTop Monitor combines flexible alarm options ,unparalleled non-volatile memory & Nonin’s time honored technology to provide a state of the art pulse oximeter.The Plethysmographic waveform alters color as a real time reflection of the patient’s pulse signal quality alerting user to patient’s changes. The high resolution color display compliments the signal quality indicators and LED values.The NONIN AVANT 9700’s® simple functionality quick recharge and extraordinary 115 hours of memory makes it well suited for a multitude of applications.

    Convenient: Compact ,Lightweight,& Durable
    Easy To Use: Intuitive ,Color Coded Displays
    Intelligent: Nonin’s Next Generation PureSat® Signal Processing Technology
    Powerful: On -Demand Printing & Minimum 8 Hour Battery Life
    Versatile: Monitor neonates To Adults Acute Care & Homecare
    Superior Performance: Specified For Use In Motion & Low Perfusion Environments
    Flexible: Patient Security Mode Nurse Call & User Defined Defaults

    Adult Sensor Mode 8000AA-3 {3 Meters}
    Power Supply Cord
    Avant Battery Pack
    7.2V Battery Pack Located Inside Back Cover Of OXIMETER
    Operators Manual On CD-ROM
    3 Year Warranty
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