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    The LIFEPAK® 15 monitor/defibrillator is the most updated standard in emergency care for ALS teams who require the most clinically innovative, operationally innovative and LIFEPAK TOUGH device available today.

    The 15 integrates Masimo Rainbow SET technology that monitors SpO2, Carbon Monoxide and Methemoglobin, includes a metronome to guide CPR compressions and ventilations and provides an option to escalate energy to 360J.

    An entirely new platform, the 15 is powered by Lithium-ion battery technology, incorporates the SunVue display screen for viewability in bright sunlight, and data connectivity to simply and securely collect and transmit patient information.

    Similar form factor and user interface with the LIFEPAK 12 defibrillator/monitor will ease transition and training costs.

    The LIFEPAK 15® is the first monitor/defibrillator that integrates non-invasive monitoring for carbon monoxide, SpO2, and methemoglobin (to detect chemical exposures and certain drugs).
    Once you’ve acquired a pre-medication 12-lead ECG, you can let the LIFEPAK 15® monitor all 12 leads in the background, and it will alert you to any changes through the ST-Segment Trending feature.
    With the Web-based LIFENET STEMI Management Solution you can share critical patient data with multiple patient care teams and facilities throughout your region.

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