Combines the feature of a full size spirometery unit in a compact model.


Product Description

Combines all the functions of a conventional large spiro device in one handy unit!

The device is handed over to the patient with a new disposable mouthpiece for each test in place. Data evaluation and test results are delivered immediately, irrespective of where the tests are carried out. Data are stored on a flash-memory. The SP-2 is equipped with a fast and efficient data evaluation software. Test results can be transferred to a printer via an infrared interface. Curves are printed with high resolution to enable a precise diagnosis.


  • FVC, SVC, MVV, MV and pre/post medication tests with choice of predicted normals
  • For practice use and home visits
  • Battery capacity of up to 30 hours/300 tests
  • Meets ATS/ERS standards
  • Disposable mouthpieces designed to minimize the danger of cross contamination
  • High quality LCD with a scale of four gray shades