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    The Spectra -22 and J62 Body Box provide the most advanced technology ,fast accurate and affordable.

    Flow/Volume Type:
    Range: 0-16LPS
    Resolution: 0.0003@0.2LPS
    0.0012@2.0 LPS
    0.0061@16LPS .003LPSfrom .20-16LPS

    Only Vmax provides true compression free flow volume loops. VTG measurements are easy to evaluate as individual or composite tracings.

    02 Analyzer Type: Elecrochemical Cell
    Range: 0-16%
    Resolution: 0.015%

    The Sensormedics Autobox combines advanced pressure compendated flow technology and a spacious cabin design ,resulting in more testing capabilities,a less stressful patient environment,and faster test completion time for the operator. The Autobox cabin includes a warranty plan and interfaces with most Vmax configurations.

    Transmural breathing decreases total test time and improves patient comfort
    Pressure compensated flow effort index
    Plenum technology reduces effects of ambient pressure fluctuations
    Perform gas dilution in box {optional} to compare with VTG for non communicating gas volume
    Perform both breath holding and non breath holding diffusing capacity
    Digital filtering temporally aligns thermal drift during quiet breathing RAW
    Flow sensor eliminates spurious electrical resistance artifact
    We can provide Training,Warranty,& Installation!

    This is a pre-owned PFT system with Jaeger Body Box {V62J}. Complete system with Pentuim 4 computer running WIN 7 with flat screen monitor,color printer,calibration syringe,manual,regulators,hoses and start up supplies!


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