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    The R Series™ conducts an automated self-test once a day. No need to do manual testing. Simply verify the green check mark is present during your shift check.

    The R Series™ features a number of daily self checks, to ensure that when you need it, the R Series™ is ready.

    The unit displays a green tick to indicate that the unit has passed these checks.

    The R Series™ also has a training module built in so staff can maintain familiarity and can ensure that if the need arises, they are ready to use it.

    Some of the features of the R Series™ include:

    • Compact Flash Card Slot
    • 3 Lead ECG cable with AHA markings
    • Built in port
    • Real CPR Help to coach to the proper compression rate and depth during CPR as well as See-Thru CPR to minimize pauses during CPR compressions.
    • The only defibrillator that recognizes the OneStep Pediatric electrode and automatically lowers the energy setting to 50J to prevent accidental overdose of energy.
    • Unique pediatric algorithms that allow proper analysis of arrhythmias for younger patients.
    • Optional monitoring capabilities include SP02, EtCO2 and Non-invasive Blood Pressure.
    • Integrated AC Power (120 VAC/60 Hz)

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