Alaris 8100 Medley Infusion Pump

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Are you looking for a high-quality infusion pump that delivers optimal performance and safety? If so, consider the Alaris 8100 Medley Infusion pump. This innovative device combines advanced technology with user-friendly design to provide you with the best possible infusion therapy. To administer fluids, medications, blood products, or parenteral nutrition, the Alaris 8100 Medley Infusion pump can handle it all with ease and accuracy. It integrates seamlessly with the Alaris System, giving you access to a comprehensive suite of infusion management solutions.

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    Product Details

    The Alaris 8100™ is a light weight and versatile large volume pumping module that can be easily attached to the Alaris dose rate calculation and many other Medley advanced features. It can be pole mounted and used in various clinical settings. This infusion pump is designed to stop fluid flow under alarm conditions. It can handle every infusion type, including continuous and intermittent deliveries.

    The pump is suitable for use on adults, pediatrics and neonates. It is compatible with both the Alaris 8000 and Alaris ™8015 PCU infusion pump units. The Alaris™ 8100 pump module is a works with the Alaris ™ electronic infusion pump system to  deliver controlled amounts of medication and fluids to patients through intravenous (IV), intra-arterial (IA), epidural and other acceptable routes of administration. The pump modules can be attached to either side of the PC units to create the desired configurations.

    • Infusion Pressure Maximum: 654 mmHg Dimensions: 33″W X 8.p H” 5.5 D/P
    • Weight: 2.5LB
    • Flow Rate: 0.1 -99.9 mL/HR in 0.1 mL increments 100-999 mL /HR in 1 mL increments

    All of our pumps are refurbished and calibrated to meet bio-medical standards.


    We offer a standard three month warranty, as well as a six month and a one year warranty option. Please call us for competitive pricing on volume orders!  Listed price of $399 is with 3 months warranty.

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    3 reviews for Alaris 8100 Medley Infusion Pump

    1. Andrea Gonzales

      This Pump is a reliable and efficient medical device. Its user-friendly interface, robust construction, and advanced technology ensure consistent and accurate delivery. No complaints.

    2. Jill Santa, MPA

      I was very happy with this pump. Works as advertised. Price was super, too

    3. Edmund

      Outstanding service. Ted took great care of us.

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