Infusion Pump
A most technologically advanced pump that provides the utmost in medical care.

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Product Description

Infusion Pump

The  Abbott Lifecare PCA 3 Infuser is a pole-mounted infusion pump that allows a patient to self-administer analgesia within physician programmed limits.

The PCA 3 is the most advanced PCA device to help address wrong dose and wrong drug errors. The PCA 3 uses an integrated approach to patient-controlled analgesia and helps to enhance patient safety and efficiency through bar code technology and advanced software design.

  • Wireless connectivity capability that facilitates real-time infusion monitoring, including support of real-time 5-rights verification.
  • Confirmation screens and stored protocols that are displayed on intuitive, easy-to-understand programming screens.
  • A built-in bar code reader to help confirm the right medication and the right concentration.
  • Pre-filled, bar-coded medication vials with colored labels that  help reduce errors and assure a correct match to the hospital’s medication rule set.
  • A clear, easy-to-read numeric keypad that allows direct input of numbers.
  • All our pumps come with a standard 90 day warranty and are fully refurbished.