Burdick Quest Exercise Stress System


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    Burdick Quest Exercise Stress System

    Simple, complete control with a touch of a finger

    The Quest® Exercise Stress System provides simple, complete control with the touch of a finger. Everything you need to see is directly on-screen letting you focus on the patient. It is a sophisticated stress testing system in an easy-to-use, intuitive format and a product of Burdick’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

    • Easy, intuitive touch screen lets you focus on the patient
    • Performs both resting 12-lead ECGs and stress tests on one system
    • Accurate ECG data acquired at the patient eliminating non-cardiac electrical noise
    • Flexible programming means you choose the protocol
    • Generous storage, enhanced online data editing and several data management options
    • Full-range reporting offers over 15 different report configurations
    • Digitally controlled treadmill maximizes system reliability
    • Optional T-Wave Alternans helps predict Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD)

    T-Wave Alternans Testing
    Optional T-Wave Alternans provides a reliable way to assess patient risk for Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD).
    • Inexpensive, non-invasive diagnostic test
    • Brief, in-office procedure
    • Test runs simultaneously with standard treadmill or pharmacological stress
    • This optional technology can be added to Quest at any time

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