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    The 6100 can deliver infusions by way of the following methods:
    intravenous,intra-arterial,intra-peritoneal{abdominal},epidural space,& subarachnoid space.
    The CADD PRIZM 6100 can function on four distinct modes:
    PCA, continous,TPN,and intermittent. The PCA mode is designed for therapies that require continuous patient controlled delivery or a combination of the two.The continuous mode is designed to deliver infusions at a constant ,programmed rate.The TPN allows for delivery of nutritional solutions or other fluids with optional tapering.The intermittent mode permits the infusion of specific volumes at regular pre-set times.

    The CADD Prizm 6100 has a single therapy feature and has an integral data port which can be used as an interface for a printer,as a remote dose cord input or as a modem for communications.

    Rate Parameters: 0-30ml/hr

    Reservoir Volume: 1-9999ml. programmable in 1ml increments,displayed in 0.1ml increments

    Demand Dose [PCA] 0-9.9ml in 0.1ml increments delivers at approx. 125ml/hr

    Battery Life: 12 hours at 100 ml/hr approximate

    Runs on a 9 Volt alkaline battery or on direct AC power or using an EPS -External Power Source battery pack.

    Uses 50 -100ML cassettes

    A history feature allows reviews of dose information for each 1 hour period in the previous 48 hours.
    Pumps are refurbished in excellent condition and are offered with a 3 month warranty option ,a 6 month warranty option as well as a 1 Year warranty option.

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    CADD PRIZM 6100 Operator’s Manual


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