Alaris POC 8000 Infusion pump


This POC provides precise patient care and protects every infusion to assist clinicians from medication errors.

With 3 month warranty $299, with 6 month warranty $350, and with 1 year warranty $399.


Product Description

The AlarisĀ® 8000 Medley system supports the GuardrailsĀ® Suite MX Software. It allows the user to expand and customize infusion delivery to meet individual patient needs while protecting every infusion to guard clinicians and patients from medication errors.It is a computer at the patients bedside and it is the basis for a modular platform that the clinician can build on to customize infusion delivery to meet individual patient needs by adding and subtracting infusion modules like large volume pump,patient controlled analgesic,syringe, & patient monitoring.

FEATURES: Large Easy To Read Color Programming Screen

Battery Run Time Display
The Battery Run Time Display is located on the Main Display prompt bar. If enabled, this feature provides a visual display of the estimated remaining battery run time under the current operating conditions, when operating on battery.

Ease of Use Features
To enhance safety and ease of operation, the MEDLEY System provides a full range of audio and visual alarms, advisories and prompts.

Guardrails Software Prompts
The Guardrails Software is designed to help prevent programming errors by:

  • Customizing device configurable setting to meet the ned of the selected hospital area/unit (profile)
  • Comparing user programming with hospital-defined best practice guidelines
  • Providing an advisory prompt if an out-of-limits entry is made.

Our pumps are fully tested and calibrated and sold in pristine condition with a 3 month warranty option a 6 month warranty option as well as a 1 Year Warranty option.

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Alaris POC 8000 Infusion pump Directions for Use