The FREEDOM60® is so safe and easy to use it can even be used by children. In fact, its very first users were children with cystic fibrosis. Since  the pump is lightweight, durable, and user friendly they found it ideal. They loved the portability and were happy to be out of a hospital setting.


Product Description


  • The Freedom 60 Infusion Pump features precise infusion rates and uniform flow profiles which provide consistent delivery of medication
  • Fixed flow rate sets are available from F0.5 to F2400. Our sets are capable of  delivering  60ml from a few minutes to 5 days
  • Extended antibiotic admixture storage versus minibags and elastomerics
  •   Lowest cost infusion system, costs less than gravity for most administrations. • Attractively priced reusable pump (4,000+ cycles) and economical tubing sets. •
  • Easy system to set-up and check. Simplifies filling, mixing and storage. •
  • Studies show “the syringe pump is the most cost-effective way of delivering intravenous antibiotics.”(4) • Syringes generally have greater stability and drug storage life, further reducing cost
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