Delivers advanced capability that only the industry’s most extensive collection of proven algorithms can offer.Designed for use in clinics ,offices,and clinical trials.


Product Description

The GE MARQUETTE 5000® provides the sophistication required for advanced ECG applications. Advanced algorithm capabilities include true 12 lead ECG computer analysis and interpretation.The MAC 5000 offers a comprehensive solution complete with the practical features clinicians at smaller hospitals ,clinics,& physician offices appreciate.This unit is a sleek compact 12 lead electrocrdiograph designed for acquisition with interpretive analysis.It offers scaleable ECG solutions with practical features while providing a high level of quality and convenience.The MAC 500 features an easy to read display and diagnostic interpretation.It is light weight ,fast,portable,and user friendly.


  • Advanced ECG
  • Interpretive P-Wave Signal Averaging
  • Late Potentail Analysis
  • New Gender Specific Criteria As Part Of 12SL TM for identification of arrhythmias

Depth 35.1 CM 13.8 IN.

Height 9.4CM 3.7 IN. With Display Closed

Width 38 CM 15 IN.

Weight Approximately 6.8 KG 15 LB. Including Battery Without Paper

Keyboard Type: Sealed Elastomer With Soft Function Keys Alpahnumeric Keys,Writer Controls,& TrimPad Cursor Controls.

Includes All Accessories.

Available Brand New Or Refurbished.

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