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    Designed and rigorously tested for high reliability, the Vivid T8™ is a 129-pound  mobile system intended for use in a variety of traditional as well as harsh, demanding environments.

    It delivers a hardy robustness that stands up to the challenges of even the busiest ultrasound imaging practices and clinical settings.

    All backed with three years of service coverage.

    The  Vivid T8™ mobile echo system with stress echo and transesophageal echocardiography (TEE) capabilities is  designed to take advantage of GE’s LOGIQ technology that allows to easily share the system with different customization options among a variety of clinicians in a facility.


    • Tissue Velocity Imaging – captures dynamic information from moving heart tissue to quantify left ventricular function.
    • AutoEF- automatically assesses left ventricular ejection fraction using an automated, speckle-tracking ROI tool.
    • SmartStress- automatically adjusts settings to help enhance workflow, reproducibility, and diagnostic confidence.
    • Tissue Tracking – Provides additional image enhancement for assessing delayed cardiac wall motion.
    • Automated Function Imaging – assesses and quantifies left ventricular wall motion at rest, and calculates parameters to describe left ventricular wall function.
    • Auto IMT – provides automatic edge detection for intima-media thickness and auto-completes required measurements.
    • Strain Rate Imaging – Helps enhance visual and quantitative recognition of dysfunction myocardial segments, and can help in evaluating regional systolic in ischemic heart disease.

    The  T8™ was built particularly for high reliability.
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