Premium performance compact echocardiography

Product Description

The Philips CX50® portable cardiovascular ultrasound machine is a premium portable ultrasound machine, considered by some as one of the two best portable cardiac point-of-care ultrasound machines for sale.

The  CX50® ultrasound machine is among a small group of premium portable cardiac ultrasound machines that have high-end features found on the larger console-based systems.

These premium cardiac ultrasound machines provide better penetration in difficult-to-image patients, advanced analysis software, and premium image quality.

The Philips CX 50® is a new breed of portable ultrasound machine that can match the performance of a full-size console system but it’s about the size of a laptop computer and can easily be carried to different locations.

The Philips CX50® CompactXtreme system is the first ultrasound machine to use Philips’ PureWave technology, which previously was only available on much larger systems.

Detailed Product Description

The Philips CX 50 Ultrasound Machine has the following features:

  • iScan and PureWave technology
  • SmartExam customizable guides
  • High-resolution monitor
  • 2D and Doppler imaging
  • Optional cart available
  • Wireless and wired DICOM
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