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    The speed, accuracy, and ease of use of the IQspiro™ Digital Spirometer is a most useful, cost-effective unit for detecting and managing pulmonary disease. Even if testing for pulmonary disease isn’t a routine part of patient quality care, the clinician will be surprised at how efficient and economical it is it add it to your practice.

    IQspiro Digital Spirometry System

    The IQspiro Digital Spirometry System combines a digital spirometer with innovative software solutions that make it fast and easy to capture, interpret, and retrieve patient information. This digital spirometer also features correct patient positioning that can optimize testing and an eject lever that saves time and alleviates handling of used mouthpieces.

    • View real-time Flow/Volume Loop and Volume/Time graphs with fully customizable parameters
    • Pre- and post-bronchodilator testing with automatic interpretation
    • New eject lever alleviates handling of used mouthpiece
    • Accurate and precise meets or exceeds ATS 2005 Standards
    • Lightweight, portable design weighs only 9 ounces: makign it easy to cary, use, and store
    • Correct, ergonomic patient testing orientation
    • Easy grasp, new T-shaped handle design for patient support and stability during testing
    • Improved mouthpiece stability and protection with new easy-latch door design
    • Easy to print full page reports on standard paper
    • Minimize cross contamination with use of disposable mouthpiece
    • Two connectivity options: USB or serial

    IQmanager ™ Software

    A simple, cost effective way of capturing and storing patient test results right on your existing computer.

    • View and analyze tests as patients perform them with large, real time, easy-to-read display.
    • Acquires, interprets, and trends patient data for comprehensive view.
    • Patient coaching made easy with a choice of easy-to-see incentives on full screen


    • Simple, one-click print and e-mail options
    • Save time by eliminating the need to re-enter patient data with easy-to-use database

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