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    • Ventilator Presets allow for prompt setup of new patients.
    • Clinicians simply select the patient type at start up, and the LTV 1200 automatically configures the initial ventilation settings for Pediatric,infant  or Adult patients.
    • The LTV 1200’s intuitive interface features color coded controls and alarms. Active controls and alarms are illuminated for simple identification of ventilation parameters.
    • The Pulmonetic LTV 1200® is a state of the art ventilator.
    • The Pulmonetic Ventilator Line has become a leader in homecare and subacute ventilation due to its features and size.
    • It offers turbine technology and battery capacity in one small package, making it ideal for transport. Modes available are PC, VC and Noninvasive.
    • The ultra sensitive flow trigger combined with the Spontaneous Breathing Trial function makes weaning easier and more efficient for both the patient and clinician.
    • The LTV 1200® ventilator gives you the freedom of conveniently portable ICU ventilation.
    • All of our units are in pristine condition ,patient ready and comes with warranty!
    • Kindly contact us for a competitive quote.


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