Purchasing Pre Owned Medical Equipment

Most end user customers that will purchase pre owned equipment will not have the opportunity to personally inspect the medical devices in advance. Therefore, it is imperative to ask the seller the right questions and to receive satisfactory responses that provide a level of comfort and reliability.

At Elite Medical Equipment, we always make it a point to relay to our customers that we  want them purchasing equipment that will meet their needs. If the customer is unsure of exactly what it is they require, then we gladly have our bio medical team consult with them to ensure that customer satisfaction is obtained.

Some of the key factors that  put our customers at ease are :

  1. Informing customers of which accessories are included
  2. Displaying the cosmetic condition of the device (photos available upon request)
  3. We offer PM (preventive maintenance) as per request
  4. We offer customers the option of 3 month, 6 month or one year warranties to meet the client’s budget
  5. Most importantly, we take pride in our personal customer service team that is readily available to answer any inquiries or concern

At Elite Medical Equipment we do our up most to provide a pleasant purchasing experience. Our best references are our repeat customers.

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