Intravenous Infusion (IV) & Patient Controlled Analgesia Pumps (PCA)

When selecting an IV or PCA pump, a pre-owned pump can be a prudent choice . Intravenous (within vein) pumps infuse fluids, medications, or nutrients commonly known as drips into the patient circulatory system. PCA -Patient Controlled Analgesia is a method of pain control that gives the patients the ability to control their pain tolerance.

Both pumps are quite affordable and can be rented as well as purchased. We offer a vast array of pumps and work closely with our clients to make certain that the choices are not overwhelming.

At Elite Medical Equipment Inc., we represent our pre-owned pumps as fully calibrated, refurbished, and patient ready. In addition, they are sold with our dependable company warranty. Our dedicated staff will ensure that the customer is obtaining the best choice possible to fit their needs. Our list of satisfied customers include: physicians’ offices, hospitals, veterinarians, teaching institutions and EMS service providers.

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