Smart Pumps – Infusion Pumps

Smart pumps are infusion devices that have the capability of storing a drug library known as (DERS) Drug Error Reduction System. This safety software has allowed these pumps to become increasingly technologically advanced and play a key role in monitoring dosage errors . Medication errors contribute to the highest category of patient safety incidences within the larger category of medical mishaps.The software alerts the user to potential oversights. The clinical operators are now capable of calculating and programming dose and delivery rates.

The pumps are programmed to store data on medications with upper and lower drug limits. The availability of this captured data greatly assists in the analysis of  information to improve patient care. When utilized properly, these vital features of the “smart pump” can help prevent IV medication errors and more importantly reduce injury to patients.  Considering all the benefits these pumps have to offer, they are certainly a prudent investment for any medical facility.

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