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    The Baxter AS40A ® Syringe Pump is designed to meet the fluid and drug delivery requirements for todays changing clinical environment. The AS40A accepts standard disposable syringes 1mL to 60mL in size. A numerical keypad simplifies programming and makes the pump easy to use. Safety & effectiveness are reinforced by way of pre-programmable bolus operation, titration of a dose without interruption of fluid flow easily understood alarm and alert messages. It offers a variable occlusion sensitivity, automatic syringe size recognition, a drug library option with drug-specific infusion parameters stored in memory & keypad lock. The LCD readout displays the syringe manufacturer & the infusion rate, over body weight concentration, next dose total volume limit & total volume delivered.

    Dimensions: 3.4″W x 2.6″ Dx 10″H
    Weight: 2.75 LBS.
    Power: AC :105-125V Hz{battery charger} DC internal nickel-cadmium battery pack.
    Flow Rate Range: 0.01 ML/HR to 360 ML/HR
    Deliverable Volume: Full Syringe Volume can be delivered
    Data Supply: Self Prompting,multi-field LCD
    Status Display: Nine LED Array
    Battery Life: 12 Hours of operation at 2 ML/HR using a 60 ML syringe, following a 16 hour charge.

    These pumps are in very nice condition patient ready and refurbished. They are available with a 3 month warranty option a 6 month warranty option as well as a 1 Year warranty option. Our dedicated staff will ensure that you make the most practical decision in choosing your device.

    Baxter AS40A Operation Manual


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