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    The CADD Solis™ ambulatory infusion pump is a state-of-the-art, smart pain management system that meets industry recognized standards for advanced error-reduction features in PCA pumps.One of the first multi therapy infusion devices that is simple to use and provides the clinician with the confidence of reliable pump performance & accurate medication delivery.

    CADD Solis™ features optimized medication delivery safety features, and encourages standardization for all pain managment therapies.

    This user friendly pump has scalable connectivity with unique architecture that provides flexibility to sustain future IT needs.It features the most reliable technology that meets infusion pump guidelines to promote patient safety.

    • Patient Safety
      • Optimize Medication Delivery Safety Features With CADD™-Solis Medication Safety Software
      • Provides  Safety And Standardization For All Pain Management Therapies
    • Individual Patient Care
      • IV PCA, Subcutaneous, Epidurals, Nerve Blocks, Surgical Site Infusion Therapies
      • Post-Op, Labor And Delivery, Trauma, Pediatrics
    • Scalable Connectivity
      • Unique Architecture Provides Flexibility To Sustain Your Vision Of Future IT Infrastructure Needs
      • Supports Best Practices And Enables Continuous Quality Improvement,
      • these pumps are in excellent condition refurbished & patient ready.
      • they are priced with an option of a 3 month warranty a 6 month warranty as well as a 1 year  warranty,
      • kindly contact us for a most competitive price.


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